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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gold Standard for Cool Roof Coats?

Cool Roof Rating Council in the United States, in association with Energy Star, does the testing and rating of Cool Roof Coats. The CRRC certifies an initial SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) and a Three-Year Aged SRI Value. Thermo-Shield Roof Coat has been tested and rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. If a product uses the CRRC logo or claims SRI values, it can be verified at the CRRC Rating Directory.

Is Aged SRI Important?

CRRC provides a 3-Year Aged SRI value for roof coats. Any white coat/paint with reasonable amount of white pigments will show a high initial SRI. What really matters is – how these coats perform with time. All the coating products listed in the CRRC directory drops its Solar Reflectance in three years. Thermo-Shield, as the rating results show, increases its emissivity value - making up for the loss of reflectance to have an Aged SRI value of 99. Thermo-Shield is a Sustainable product - as you can get the full benefit of its performance – with a single coat.

Are Cool Roof Coatings a replacement for Bulk Insulation?

All cool roof coatings, including Thermo-Shield, reduces surface temperature by negating Solar Heat Gain. Roof Coatings which are coated at a Dry Film Thickness of 500µ DO NOT add any significant value to the U-Value calculations.

Is Thermo-Shield an Insulation Coating?

The answer is: NO. Is it a Cool Roof Coating? YES, it is!
If you want to know more, the Cool Roof has the answers.

What percentage of energy savings can Thermo-Shield Cool Roof Coat deliver?